Financing and Payment Options Available

Buy and Finance your Project Car here

1. We will finance ALL of our cars.  (Financing may be negotiated call Dave. 217-899-5069)


  • No Credit Check

  • Illinois mandates that all residents from the states listed below must  6.25%
    sales tax on the purchase price (AZ, CA, FL, HI, IL, IN, MA, MI, SC, VT).

  • You must pay in full all money owed before you  will receive your car and title !!!



IF YOU MISS 1 SINGLE MONTHLY PAYMENT: You will will lose ALL the money that you have paid to Dave's Classic Cars and the car you were paying on will be put up for sale again !!! (Monthly payments are due each month on the same day as the first payment was made.)

THEREFORE: Do not put any money down on a car unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you can make the payment every single month, CONSISTENTLY !!!

2. Payment Options:

  • Cash

  • Visa & MasterCard (Debit/Credit/Prepaid 4% processing surcharge)

  • Direct Deposit

  • Personal Checks (Verification hold - 2 week minimum)

  • Cashiers Checks (Verification hold - 2 week minimum)

  • Money Orders (Verification hold - 2 week minimum)

  • A verification hold is necessary because of the all the fake check scams going on.  It just means that you must wait for the check to clear the bank (approximately 2 weeks), before you can come pick up your car.

Project Car payments using Visa MasterCard


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